The Greek Committee on Large Dams (GCOLD) organized the 3rd Hellenic Conference on Dams and Reservoirs in Athens, on 12 – 15 of October 2017.

Conference topics were the following:

a) Dams, Reservoirs and the Environment. Environment-friendly infrastructure, Environmental, social benefits and impacts, Hydromorphological alteration and restoration of the environment, Aquifer restoration, wetland creation, flood control

b) Dams and Water Resources Management. River Basin management plans, Multipurpose reservoirs and their management, Technical and financial criteria for dam development, Dams and energy: New trends and technological advances, Reservoirs and hydro hybrid systems

c) Dam and reservoir safety. Dam safety regulations – Dam administrative authority, Dam operational issues, Operational surveillance of dams and reservoirs, Dam break analysis and consequences, Long-term behavior and risks due to ageing, Risks due to electromechanical equipment failure, Flood routing – river training, Emergency Action Plans, Recent incidents

d) Advances in planning and construction methods. Dam design specifications, Construction materials, construction methods, innovative technology, Estimation of spillway design flow,  Spillway design and upgrade, Geological conditions and their influence, Advances in geotechnical design, Advances in earthquake design, Advances in electromechanical equipment


October 15, 2017