Tania Lampropoulou is engaged in Hydraulics and Structural Designs.

Our main mission is to apply scientific knowledge to ease and carry out with excellence the construction of infrastructure works and other structural studies.



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School of Civil Engineering – University of Patras

Hellenic Open University

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The fields of studies in which the office has extensive experience, due to both the direct assignment and  the cooperation with offices of major projects are Motorways – Railways hydraulic designs (major areas stormwater and deck drainage works) , storm water drainage, sewerage and water supply (networks in urban and industrial areas), streams lining studies, stream demarcation studies and existing bridges inspection studies and Irrigation networks.



Structural studies

Structural Designs

Motorways – Railways hydraulic designs

Hydraulic Designs

Existing structures inspection studies

Hydraulic Designs, Structural Designs

Irrigation networks

Hydraulic Designs

Storm water drainage, sewerage & water supply

Hydraulic Designs

Streams lining & demarcation studies

Hydraulic Designs

Professional Experience


AutoCAD 95%

Civil 3D 85%



Water CAD 95%

SOFiSTiK 90%

RUNET Software 95%

Culvert Master 95%

MS Project 95%

Photoshop 70%

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FS Consultants P.C.2021 - Today


Freelance2013 - Today

Hydraulic and Structural studies elaboration 

Sofios Consulting Engineers S.A. permanent partner2012-2013

Hydraulic and Structural studies elaboration

Dimitris Sotiropoulos & Associates S.A. permanent partner2005-2012

Hydraulic and Structural studies elaboration

OMITEM S.A. Consulting Engineers permanent partner2003-2004

Structural designs elaboration team member


Blog Section



My first contact with a camera was in elementary school, where my mother left me to use her camera a Smena 8M. The first thing I did was to “burn” the film! The second one was to transform it into screws and gears during my effort to learn how it works.
Since 2012 I am an active member of METAPolis photography group and an amateur photographer.

My Skills

Video stop motion 90%

Staged photography 95%

Street photography 80%



Photo Exhibition of the Photographic Group «ΜΕΤΑpolis» held in Athens Technopolis.

Project: Barren land
Text: There are fields that do not have grass… As much as you water them or manure them, the ground remain harsh, cracked and repulsive.  And the question that arises is whether you leave it or you insist working on it without any guarantee of the outcome. The truth is that either you leave or stay, you have to accept the heart tightening, because loss is an art that requires excellent mastery…


Photo Exhibition of the Photographic Group «ΜΕΤΑpolis» held in Athens Technopolis.

Project: Still Life 

IoannaLampropoulou new site video (Stop Carré) 2015

The video (link) was created to advertise Ioanna Lampropoulou new site. Video locations are in Maroussi (Attica).

Jewelry photoshoot2015

Polymer clay jewelry by Liliana LK Kotur photographed in Methoni (Messinia).

Truth & Lies2015

Photo Exhibition of the Photographic Group “METApolis» held in Athens Technopolis.

Project: Marbleized 
Text: Do not give up. The constant exhortation to extend the duration of life. A constant, silent and violent war that comes with prices. You lose your humanity, your feelings, but your thoughts and ideas are established. A gradual marbleization is performed, freezing your body and heart, initially not to feel the wounds and ultimately not to be able to regenerate your amputated members. You win!


Photo Exhibition of the Photographic Group “METApolis» held in Elefsina.

Just one2014

Photo Exhibition of the Photographic Group “METApolis» held in Athens.

Project: Lethe / Oblivion
Text: According to Mpampiniotis dictionary “the lack of memory, forgetting (someone / something) Synonyms: forgetfulness, oblivion, contrary: memory, recollection”
According to Hesiod “the daughter of Eris and one of the Nymphs Naiades. Since they took its name a source and one of the five rivers of Hades, from whose waters the descending dead drank to forget their earthly life”

“I forgot…”
We bet on oblivion always. It soothes our mind and soul in order to be able to sleep at night. One-step towards its side and we dive in oblivion’s beneficial. This country does it also… As time passes the unconditional surrender, the renunciation of “I want, dream and hope” becomes more intense. In order to step forward the memory of the place that we stood is crucial… But the memory is “bad”. Memory hardens and hates. The memory as a repetition of itself, has the characteristics of a mental emotional and physical engagement.
Let me swim meek. Leave time to roll to the end.

“Forget me …”

Friday 132013

Photo and Video Exhibition of the Photographic Group “METApolis» held in Athens.
The video (link) that was shown was teamwork on “the night in Palermo” project

Living Thing2013

Photo Exhibition of the Photographic Group “METApolis» held in Athens.

Project: Carpe diem darling!
Text: Oblivion; Forgetting everything and nothing. No! No, Spraying is not to blame. Blame the fact that we become so selfish. Blame the fact that we care only for ourselves. Blame the fact that we race from dawn to dusk and chasing tomorrow vanities.
Consistency depreciation… We do not care for others that are in pain and heart ached. Values such as cooperation, solidarity, volunteering have been forgotten. Everything is sacrificed on the altar of money.
Love only for the endgame! The finale was utopian goal. The dreams we had as children are nowadays a torn paper in mercy of the wind through the narrow streets of the city. A voracious city which swallow us at once.


Photo Exhibition of the Photographic Group “METApolis» held in Athens.


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Mobile: (+30) – 697.75.62.530

Plataion 40, Maroussi, 15124